Work Better


Case Management with unprecedented clarity, collaboration, and client satisfaction

Latitude Connect offers all the features you need to efficiently manage cases, while keeping clients informed, engaged, and happy.

Always organized, always prepared

Latitude provides your team with the tools to organize files to best suit your workflow and the direct needs of the case. Users can log in to Latitude from any device; this means users have access to these organized case files anywhere, anytime.

Send requests and assign tasks

Email is an inefficient way to present tasks, questions, and documents. Now you can assign tasks within your team, keeping everyone on track and up to date on task status.

Invoicing and reporting in real time

When invoicing customers, it is important to understand your system and have the process be simple, convenient, and accurate. With Latitude Connect, you not only have a built in invoicing system – you also have real time reporting. Our reporting tool allows you to run data reports on your company anytime, anywhere.


All the features you need to manage your company efficiently within a secure, cloud-based workspace (shared with your clients).

Anywhere Access

Securely access all information on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Secure Collaboration

Protect privileged files and communication with 256-Bit military grade encryption in a HIPAA compliant environment.

Faster Responses

Make communication easy between you and your clients. Ask questions, respond to requests, and allow clients access via their portal.

Greater Clarity

Clearly explain value, duration, deliverables, and the scope of work you’ll perform.

Streamlined Work

Configure data sets to easily create and set up new client files with the information you need. Create and save customized organizational plans that fit your company and your teams work flow.

Better Billing

Simplify time entry, fee caps, invoice generation, and delivery to your clients and customers.

Reduced Non-Billable Time

Replace the non-billable time you spend fielding status questions and document requests.

Less Pushback

Early client understanding means less billing pushback and delay in payment down the line.

Happier Clients

Deliver a world-class experience that results in more satisfied clients and more referrals.

Customers Love Latitude

“Latitude’s all inclusive system allows us to remain portable, agile and secure.”

“Latitude allows us to be extremely efficient, organized and paperless.”

“Latitude produces great savings in time, cost, & aggravation.”

“I’d highly recommend Latitude for the time and cost savings.”